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Decks to Dockets: NRLRC’s Annual Seminar - September 29

Online registration is available for the National Roofing Legal Resource Center’s (NRLRC’s) 37th annual legal seminar at The Sagamore Resort on Lake George in Bolton Landing, N.Y. (more…)

Wind Uplift Testing Webinar - October 13 @ 1:30 pm



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NERCA’S 91st Annual Convention & Trade Show - March 29, 2017

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Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City

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Licensure Continuing Ed Requirements

Proper licensure is part of what separates us from a public perception of distrust. Therefore, we have to ensure our licenses are up to date. Massachusetts and Rhode Island are cracking down on unlicensed contractors and soon, many licenses will be expiring. (more…)

August is Safe Driving Awareness Month

From August 17th to September 5th, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is promoting safe and sober driving. Initiatives like this have been hugely successful. Since 1973, drunk driving has declined by 80%! However, over the last 10 years there has been a spike in drug impairment of night weekend drivers. In that time, positive drug tests increased from 16.3% of drivers to 20%. (more…)

Energy Report with Bright News for Solar Industry

According to an analysis by the International Renewables Energy Agency (IRENA), the United States increased green energy jobs by 6% in 2015 to reach 769,000 jobs.  While this is a good trend in the US, it represents a small fraction of global renewable energy employment which is at 8.1 million jobs. (more…)

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OSHA Warning on Heat Related Illnesses

Thousands become sick every year and many die due to heat-related illnesses.  With temperatures rising, prepare your employees for working outdoors in excessive heat. They must know the signs of heat-related illness— Heat Stroke is the most serious and requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms include: confusion, fainting, seizures, and hot, dry skin. CALL 911 at any sign of

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